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December 2012 Archives

Auto club joins cry for tougher DUI penalties

Tennessee already has, by many peoples' standards, tough laws when it comes to dealing with driving under the influence. The effects of a DUI conviction can run the gamut from loss of license and a year's probation. Even a first-time offense carries a mandatory 48-hour stint in jail. Subsequent convictions result in longer terms. And such convictions can't be expunged from the record.

Woman charged with vehicular homicide pleads not guilty

If someone is charged with something as serious as vehicular homicide in Tennessee, it pays to take the matter seriously by enlisting the aid of experienced legal counsel. Any criminal charge deserves to be met with the most vigorous defense possible. That's particularly true of allegations of vehicular homicide because the penalties in the event of a conviction can be devastating -- even if it's a first-time offense.

Tennessee 'No Refusal' law use over Thanksgiving holiday

Perhaps it was inevitable that authorities in Tennessee would make a point of releasing data about how they are enforcing the new "No Refusal" law over holiday weekends. The law represents one more means for authorities to crack down on those suspected of driving under the influence. They are sure to want to tout their results.


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