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August 2013 Archives

Tennessee Supreme Court dismisses DUI charges after video lost

Evidence in Tennessee DUI cases can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case and a recent Tennessee Supreme Court dismissal of a woman's DUI charges shows why. The Tennessee Supreme Court recently upheld the dismissal of a woman's DUI charges after the video recording of her arrest was lost.

Harrell vehicular homicide case advancing at slow, steady pace

It might seem rather paradoxical that criminal matters, which can be so fraught with high emotion, often work their way through the Tennessee justice system in such a slow and steady way. But there is good reason for such an approach.

Ainge says texting, not drinking, caused him to swerve

Failing a field sobriety test is not the basis upon which a drunk driving charge conviction in Tennessee should rest. There are so many things about these tests that can result in an officer coming to the wrong conclusion about a subject. Nor should a subject's past history color how police handle any given case, but such things happen frequently.


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