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Tennessee man with prior convictions arrested for DUI

Any kind of criminal conviction can make any subsequent similar criminal convictions more serious as penalties often increase with each conviction. When a person is arrested for DUI, prior convictions often mean more serious penalties if the latest arrest leads to a conviction as well. For one Tennessee man, serious penalties may result if he is convicted after his sixth DUI arrest.

Tennessee teacher faces drunk driving charges

When police try to pull over a vehicle and believe that a driver is impaired in some way, that officer or officers may conduct field sobriety tests or other tests to determine whether impairment has played a role in what has occurred. Recently in Tennessee, the police attempted to pull over a vehicle with a female driver. The vehicle ended up in a ditch, and the woman driving now faces drunk driving charges and other charges.

Tennessee mom driving with kids faces drunk driving charges

A drunk driving charge can have an immediate impact on a person's life, especially under certain circumstances. There are times when drunk driving charges may be filed in conjunction with other charges, based on the specifics of the situation. In one Tennessee incident, a mom was charged with drunk driving but saw those charges compounded due to the fact that she had kids in the car at the time of the incident.

Deputy with kid in car facing drunk driving charges in Tennessee

Anytime there is a suspicion of drunk driving, the circumstances of the situation can play a role in how a case is pursued and whether additional charges may be filed at the same time. In a recent case in Tennessee, a sheriff's deputy was dealt drunk driving charges, but also faces additional charges. He was charged for additional crimes because he had a 6-year-old child in the car with him at the time of the incident.


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