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September 2016 Archives

Changes to underage DUI charges repealed

Young adults and their families need to be aware of a recent change in the state's underage drunk driving laws. In July, a law went into effect here in Tennessee that raised the blood alcohol content (BAC) for underage drivers (mainly those ages 18 to 20) to .08, along with the potential penalties for those facing underage DUI charges. That law jeopardized the state's receipt of nearly $60 million in federal funding because it was in direct conflict with current federal zero-tolerance standards.

Not all sexual assault allegations are true

Instances of inappropriate behavior on college and university campuses have been making news lately. Many schools are having to answer for an atmosphere that supposedly fails to protect their students from sexual assault. A recent claim, however, brings to light another side to the story that advocates fail to talk to about -- false claims.

Tennessee woman sentenced on 2 counts of vehicular homicide

On May 22, 2015, an SUV was headed eastbound on the East Lamar Alexander Parkway. It then crossed over into the westbound lanes and struck four motorcycles. Two people died and four others suffered a variety of injuries. The Tennessee woman driving the SUV on that day was recently sentenced to a total of 17 years in prison on two counts of vehicular homicide and other charges that were part of a plea agreement reached through negotiations between her criminal defense counsel and prosecutors.

School bus driver's livelihood in jeopardy after DUI charges

When a Tennessee resident is arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, it is more than his or her freedom that is at stake. Many people's employment requires them to drive. Facing DUI charges is sometimes enough to put that person's livelihood in jeopardy.

Judge modifies sentence after criminal trial in Tennessee

In certain circumstances, a person convicted of a crime in Tennessee may request that his or her criminal record be expunged. The possibility was recently granted to a former school teacher when the judge who had presided at her criminal trial reconvened to announce he wanted to modify her sentence. A prosecuting attorney later stated that he personally objected to the judge's decision to modify.

Field sobriety tests are not a reliable indication of impairment

Many Tennessee residents have joked about the fact that they could not walk a straight line or say the alphabet backwards even if they were sober. Even though this is often said in jest, the truth of the matter is that it is not far from the truth. Field sobriety tests are often not a reliable indication of impairment, and many people have been arrested for DUI based on these tests, only to have the charges dismissed later.

What does it mean to be accused of cyber bullying?

Technology has advanced to the point where most people here in Tennessee and around the country have some sort of online presence. Social media, texting and other forms of electronic communication have become a way of life. State and federal laws have had to keep up with these new forms of communication, which has spawned a new segment of law enforcement to deal with cyber crimes such as cyber bullying.


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