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Accident leads to DUI charges for Tennessee man

Whenever there is an accident and the police respond, they may investigate to see if there is suspicion of drunk driving or impairment of any kind. Recently, a Tennessee car accident led police to suspect a man of drunk driving. DUI charges are currently pending against the driver who wrecked his vehicle on a Saturday night.

Tips for how to deal with DUI charges in Tennessee

Far too many people think that once they are suspected of or face DUI charges, all hope of defending themselves is lost. In Tennessee and elsewhere, it is vital that anyone facing DUI charges knows their rights. There are also tips to help protect those rights and minimize the chance of being arrested or found guilty of any kind of DUI charges.

Crash leads to drunk driving charges for Tennessee songstress

Anytime there is a car accident of any kind and police are called, police may evaluate drivers to see if impairment or some other form of negligence may have been the cause of the crash. This was the case after a recent Tennessee car accident. Police ended up filing drunk driving charges against a country music Grammy winner named Lynn Anderson after an accident.

A year after accident, woman faces DUI charges

Many people wrongfully assume that charges need to be filed at the time of an accident or incident, if they are going to be filed at all. However, some incidents may be under investigation for some period of time before formal charges are actually pursued against a person. One case in Tennessee highlights the point that charges can come about some time after an incident as a woman is just now facing DUI charges a year after an accident.

When is driving while intoxicated in Tennessee a felony DUI?

Anytime someone is found to have a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, they may face a misdemeanor DUI charge. However, there are times when certain circumstances can lead to a DUI charge being upgraded to a felony DUI in Tennessee. It is important to understand what a felony DUI charge may mean for your record and how it compares to a misdemeanor DUI charge.


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