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January 2016 Archives

Tennessee crash leads to DUI charges for man

Any kind of traffic infraction can lead to attention from patrolling officers, and running a red light can certainly draw attention from Tennessee police. This kind of traffic infraction recently led to police filing DUI charges against a man driving on Tennessee roadways. His running a red light led to a terrifying car accident.

Internet crime can be confusing in Tennessee

The evolution of technology has taken place at break-neck speed. The criminal aspect of the Internet and computer use in general may still be unclear or unknown to some who may not even be aware of what online activity may constitute a crime. Those facing charges of Internet crime in Tennessee should be keenly aware of what activities may constitute a crime as well as what kind of evidence may be used in cases of Internet crimes.

Mom in Tennessee faces DUI charges after drugs found

All too often, people associate a DUI charge with driving under the influence of alcohol. However, DUI charges can stem from being under the influence of drugs while being behind the wheel of a vehicle. That vehicle also does not have to necessarily be in motion at the time police intervene. Such was the case recently in an incident at a Tennessee gas station. 

Important to understand field sobriety tests in Tennessee

Being arrested or charged with a DUI can be downright scary for anyone. Field sobriety tests play a role in many DUI cases in Tennessee. However, they are not an exact science and typically involve being asked to perform a number of physical feats, including walking a straight line, standing on one foot, counting in a certain sequence and other tasks that may prove difficult for some. Anyone who is asked to take one, and then arrested based on how they perform the physical tasks asked of them, may benefit by gaining more information about these subjective tests.

Man faces sexual assault charges after incident in Tennessee

Any kind of sexual encounter that results in criminal charges against one party can lead to serious consequences. An incident at a Tennessee apartment complex has led to sexual assault charges against a man. The girl at the center of the incident is a 13-year-old.

Man faces multiple offense charges after DUI arrest

Whenever an accident that leads to criminal charges, those charges may be upgraded or altered depending on certain circumstances. One example that may result in one or multiple offense charges being upgraded is if a victim of an accident dies. One recent Tennessee accident has made news as a man hit a buggy, resulting injuries to a girl. Since the girl has succumbed to her injuries, one or more of the multiple offenses may now be upgraded.

Teen is alleged victim of sexual assault in Tennessee

Hazing incidents have made news lately, and some have resulted in criminal charges. An alleged incident related to hazing between members of a high school basketball team has resulted in criminal charges due to an alleged sexual assault of one player. Three of the Tennessee basketball players are charged with assault and aggravated rape of the teammate.

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