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There may be more to field sobriety tests than meets the eye

Being asked to perform a field sobriety test can be an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience regardless of whether a person is intoxicated or not. One reason field sobriety tests can evoke fear or trepidation in a driver is because the tests can lead to drunk driving charges in Tennessee. These charges can come about if an officer decides a motorist has failed the test. However, a motorist could fail the test for reasons that have nothing to do with intoxication.

Tennessee teacher charged with driving under the influence

The recent arrest of a teacher has led to his suspension in addition to the possibility of criminal consequences. The teacher in Tennessee was arrested on several charges, one of which was driving under the influence. The incident that led to his arrest occurred on a Friday when a passerby called police about an unusual situation.

Tennessee town official allegedly failed field sobriety tests

A failed sobriety test can lead to an arrest for DUI. One Tennessee town official was recently arrested after she allegedly failed field sobriety tests. The woman also had two juveniles in the vehicle with her at the time of the arrest. One of those juveniles was her own son, and the other was a friend of that son.

State employee facing DUI charges

A women employed by the state of Tennessee in the Department of Corrections was recently arrested for drunk driving. She was taken into custody after law enforcement was called to the scene of a car accident, where they noticed that she showed signs of possible intoxication. As she is facing DUI charges, she is currently on unpaid leave from her job. 

Pedestrian death results in vehicular homicide charge

A Tennessee man is facing criminal charges after an accident involving a pedestrian left one person dead. The accident occurred in Goodlettsville, just in front of the mall. Originally, the man was charged with vehicular assault and a third DUI offense, but charges were upgraded to vehicular homicide after the victim died from his injuries.

Car accident in Tennessee leads to vehicular homicide charges

A multi-vehicle car accident has resulted injuries to several individuals and the death of one driver. The driver who caused the car accident is now facing a number of serious charges, including charges of vehicular homicide. The Sunday morning crash happened in Memphis, Tennessee.

Man charged with vehicular assault after crash in Tennessee

Hitting a pedestrian started a chain of events that ended with a man under arrest. The man was driving around a Tennessee mall when he hit another person, causing severe head injuries. The driver was then charged with multiple criminal offenses, including vehicular assault.

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