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What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is considered a white-collar crime involving the misappropriation or theft of funds or property an individual has been entrusted to manage. It typically occurs in a professional setting, such as a workplace or financial institution, where one person has access to assets or finances and uses that access for personal gain. Embezzlement can take many forms, including:

  • Corporate Embezzlement: This occurs when an employee, executive, or officer within a company diverts funds or assets for personal use, often through fraudulent accounting practices.
  • Employee Embezzlement: Employees may embezzle funds or property by skimming money from cash registers, creating fictitious expenses, or altering financial records.
  • Government Embezzlement: This involves misappropriating public funds or property by government employees or officials entrusted with managing these assets.
  • Non-Profit Embezzlement: Employees or volunteers within non-profit organizations may embezzle funds or resources intended for charitable purposes.

What are the Penalties for Embezzlement in Tennessee?

The penalties for embezzlement in Tennessee can vary depending on the value of the funds or property that were involved and the case's specific circumstances. However, in general, embezzlement is categorized as a theft crime, and the penalties can include:

  • Misdemeanor Embezzlement: When the value of the property or funds embezzled is less than $500, the offense is normally classified as a Class A misdemeanor. Penalties may include up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and fines of up to $2,500.
  • Felony Embezzlement: If the value of the property or funds embezzled exceeds $500, the offense is considered a felony. Penalties may include up to 30 years in jail and fines of up to $25,000.

Defenses Against Embezzlement Charges

Some common defenses against embezzlement charges may include:

  • Lack of Intent: Embezzlement charges require proof of intent to misappropriate funds or property. If it can be shown that you lacked the requisite intent, it could be a viable defense.
  • Mistaken Identity: Sometimes, individuals are wrongly accused due to mistaken identity or confusion. Establishing an alibi or providing evidence of your innocence is crucial in such cases.
  • Duress or Coercion: It could be a valid defense if you had been forced or coerced into committing embezzlement under threats or pressure.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is insufficient evidence to support the charges against you, it can lead to a dismissal or reduction of charges.

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