Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Child abuse may consist of what someone has done to a child or what someone has not done to protect a child from harm. Specifically, under Tennessee law, child abuse may mean that a person under age 18 "has suffered, sustained or been in immediate danger" or suffered from a "wound, injury, disability, or physical or mental condition caused by brutality, neglect, or other actions or inactions of a parent, relative, guardian, or caregiver."

Child abuse may include "brutality, abuse, or neglect toward a child" that may produce "severe psychosis, severe neurotic disorder, severe depression, severe developmental delay or retardation, or severe impairment of the child's ability to function."

Some types of child abuse have to do with not removing a child from known danger. For example, failing to protect a child from harms described above may constitute abuse. A specific instance might be "knowingly allowing a child to be present ... where the act of creating methamphetamine is occurring."

"Every crime, such as child abuse, consists of elements just like ingredients in a recipe. The prosecution has the burden of proving every element of the crime." — Defense attorney Rob McKinney

If Tennessee criminal defense attorney Rob McKinney defends you in the face of child abuse charges, he will begin by examining every element of the charges against you. A successful defense strategy will likely emerge from such an analysis.

Every case at the Law Office of Rob McKinney is treated as a case to bring before a jury. Many cases are resolved through negotiations with prosecutors. Others go to trial. Discuss the likely progression of your own defense. Begin the discussion in a no-charge consultation with Tennessee child abuse defense attorney Rob McKinney. If he becomes your Nashville child abuse attorney, you can count on Rob McKinney to examine each element of the alleged crime in nitty-gritty detail as he prepares compelling arguments in your favor.

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