Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

Many of our clients arrested in connection with violent crimes find themselves sitting in jail, limiting their opportunity to sit down with experienced counsel to represent them. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, in Nashville, Tennessee, we not only provide our clients with an extensive background in criminal law, but also a sense of hope.

We have successfully represented clients charged with a wide range of violent crimes, including:

The serious, even lifetime, consequences of a violent crime conviction only increase the urgency of immediately hiring a criminal defense attorney to defend you and your rights. At our firm, Mr. McKinney and his staff of paralegals work together to establish your case. They will conduct detailed investigations and interview any witnesses. Police reports and evidence are reviewed in great detail.

Violent Crime Defense Strategies

Many times, violent criminal charges such as aggravated assault or manslaughter result when the accused was simply acting in self-defense. With the facts on our side that you were threatened and felt in danger for yourself or others, we can work to show the prosecution and a jury that you used a reasonable amount of force to protect your well-being and that of the people around you.

Our Nashville violent crimes law firm has handled a variety of murder cases. Not all have been capital cases, but we recognize the seriousness of a capital murder charge. If you are facing the death penalty, we don't have to tell you how important it is to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who has access to the resources needed to prepare the best possible defense. Mr. McKinney provides cutting-edge representation, using mock juries to evaluate and strengthen your defense case.

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No matter how severe your violent crime charge is, you can count on our criminal defense firm for an aggressive defense of you, your rights and even your life. For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding a charge of assault, battery, robbery, homicide, murder or manslaughter, please call 615-686-2115 or contact our lawyer through this website.