Aggravated Assault Defense Lawyer

A more serious charge than simple assault, aggravated assault also carries more significant penalties for conviction.

What Is Aggravated Assault?

Aggravated assault occurs when a person intentionally or knowingly causes serious bodily injury to another, or uses or displays a deadly weapon in the commission of an assault. Note that you do not need to use the weapon, but only display it.

Nashville aggravated assault attorney Rob McKinney defends clients charged with aggravated assault throughout Tennessee. A variety of circumstances can lead to an aggravated assault charge, including:

We have represented clients who were charged with aggravated assault involving sporting events. Softball players who get angry with the umpire or parents who engage in a dispute with a coach at a youth football game can easily find themselves facing a felony charge for aggravated assault.

Penalties for conviction can include:

  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Mandatory anger management classes
  • Mandatory restitution to the victim
  • A criminal record that will follow you permanently
  • Possible additional penalties, particularly for cases of domestic assault

If you are facing aggravated assault charges, do not lose hope. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can work to minimize the potential negative consequences. We have successfully resolved cases for clients facing aggravated assault charges since 1994.

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