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If you have been charged with a crime such as attempted murder, remember this: The outcome of your case will hinge on a prosecutor's ability to prove your intent. Does the prosecution have enough true insight into your thoughts to demonstrate that your actions were premeditated? A successful outcome in your case may mean achieving a downgrading of the charges against you. Perhaps your actions could justify charges of aggravated assault — and even then, it is up to the prosecution to prove those charges beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Charged With Attempted Murder? Consult A Tennessee Defense Lawyer In Nashville

Attempted murder charges are a challenge to prove precisely because the "attempted" term implies premeditation. For best results after an arrest on charges of attempted murder, begin your defense in the context of a productive attorney-client relationship with your defense lawyer. Discuss your Tennessee criminal charges with attorney Rob McKinney. Sit down with him to learn about possible defense strategies.

Keep in mind that criminal charges tend to be at the highest level that a prosecutor may believe he or she can prove. A successful outcome often means reduced charges and/or penalties. Even so, Tennessee criminal defense attorney Rob McKinney approaches every case in defense of the concept of innocent until proven guilty. If you are not guilty as charged — or if a prosecutor cannot prove your guilt — you should be represented by a lawyer who will zealously advocate for you, working hard to protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

A Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyer With Real Trial Experience

Rob McKinney is always willing to take a case to trial to defend his clients' rights. He will never urge you to plead guilty of a crime you did not commit. He will guide you adeptly through all phases of your case, including through sentencing and beyond, to appeal, if necessary. Contact the law offices at 615-686-2115 or contact us through this website.

"I care about my clients, and I enjoy helping them. I guide them through a legal process that can be frightening, confusing and full of snares for the unwary. I help put their lives back on track." — Attorney Rob McKinney