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Criminal charges of felony murder often come in tandem with charges of some other crime such as robbery, drug trafficking or aggravated child abuse. Remember that the prosecutor has to prove that you are guilty as charged. An astute criminal defense attorney will look at all charges and all elements of each criminal charge while devising an effective defense strategy on your behalf.

If you have been charged with any of the following serious crimes in Tennessee, contact the Law Office of Rob McKinney to request a free initial consultation:

A conviction on any criminal charge involving the death or potential death of a human being will carry serious penalties and negative consequences throughout your life as a result of the criminal record. It is worth all your effort and any necessary resources to fight these charges. Your constitutional rights are at stake in a felony murder case or any criminal matter. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, clients can count on a very thorough, focused approach to criminal defense in a felony murder or other serious criminal case.

Nashville felony murder defense attorney Rob McKinney customizes criminal defense representation to each client and each unique set of circumstances. However, there are some common denominators among many cases that have successful outcomes. One of those common elements is the importance of any underlying crime also named in the charges. For example:

  • If the charges are aggravated child abuse and felony murder, a successful strategy will likely include a zealous defense against the child abuse charges.
  • If the charges are robbery and felony murder, a measured approach will include defense against the robbery charges.

Fighting the underlying felony (such as child abuse or robbery) often resolves a felony murder case with favorable results for the accused.

Every criminal case, every suspect, every prosecutor, judge and jury is unique. No defense lawyer can promise you any particular outcome. However, Mr. McKinney can promise you determined, effective representation, including a detailed investigation into every element of every charge that you face.

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