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Why You Should Attend TACDL's Year End Seminar

In today's criminal justice system, most cases are resolved by a plea bargain agreement. Sentencing advocacy is a must. Last week, I saw a sentencing hearing by a civil lawyer that was far below substandard. An experienced criminal defense lawyer must be well versed in sentencing law, probation issues, and plea agreements with noncitizens.

The Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is hosting a CLE on Monday, December 19, 2016, in Nashville, Tennessee. Here is the link to the seminar. Here is the line up:

  • Lisa Naylor and John Olivia will offer a presentation on preparing an effective sentencing hearing.
  • Jessica Van Dyke is next. Her topic is probation violation hearings.
  • Mary Kathryn Harcombe is presenting on plea bargains with a noncitizen.

I expect there may be a mystery presenter for a bonus hour of CLE. Call the TACDL office at 615-329-1338 for details. It starts at 8:30 in the jury assembly room in the A.A.Birch Building.