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Tennessee Authorities Likely To Crack Down On Violent Crimes

Whenever research indicates an uptick in certain types of crime, it is a safe bet that lawmakers, police, and prosecutors will be taking a harsh stance against these crimes.

In some cases, this zeal to stop crime can go too far and the only help available to someone accused of a serious crime is an experienced, aggressive attorney.

The Latest Crime Statistics in Tennessee

According to a recent article in WKRN.com, there has been an increase in violent crime in Tennessee that has increased over the past couple of years.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)'s most recent report shows that murder has increased by 11.6 percent from 2015 to 2016. Drug crimes were also up during that period nearly 10 percent. More than half of all Crime Against Persons reported in that time frame involved domestic violence.

Although DUI, prostitution and some other less violent crimes are down, that will not likely be the focus for most state and local authorities.

With this well-publicized increase in violent crimes in Tennessee, it is likely that police and prosecutors will try to crack down on these crimes in the coming months. Make sure you protect your rights. With serious charges, there is a lot at stake. Only work with a team of attorneys that has experience and success defending clients against serious criminal charges.