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Public Intoxication Charges In Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has become a popular destination for weekend parties. Take a walk in Nashville on a Friday night and one can see the bachelor and bachelorette parties in full force. Throw in all the honky tonks on lower broad and it may lead to a little bit of drinking. Sometimes it leads to a public intoxication charge.

A public intoxication charge is covered in Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-310. Basically, the state has to prove your intoxication falls in one of three areas.

  • You may be endangered.
  • There is endangerment to other people.
  • You unreasonably annoy people in the vicinity.

Sometimes public intoxication is added to other charges like an assault. Today's post will focus only if you are arrested for a public intoxication charge commonly referred to as a PI.

The authorities in Nashville have decided to handle public intoxication charges differently than other counties in Middle Tennessee. Once you are arrested for a public intoxication charge, your case will be administratively dismissed after you spend a few hours in jail. The case will be dismissed. You will not have to come back to court in Nashville. Is there anything you need to worry about.

Just because your public intoxication charge is dismissed, it does not mean you left Nashville without a trace of your jail visit. You now have a criminal record of public intoxication on your record. Granted it will show up as a dismissal. Should you do anything else?

Any criminal charge that has been dismissed can be expunged from your record. An expungement will keep it from being discovered by any future employer. I would highly recommend having this type of charge expunged.

Our office provides such a service. Contact us and we can expunge your record without having to return to Nashville, TN. You can contact us via the website or call us.  We can start the expungement process for a nominal fee. We will file the petition for an expungement within a few days. Once we get the signed order, we will forward the order of expungement to you. Our motto is "come to Nashville for vacation, don't leave on probation or a criminal record."