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Tennessee Expungement Law Alert!

Tennessee will soon be lowering their fees for expungements. The Tennessee Legislature passed a bill lowering the fee for an expungement of your criminal record to $180.00. The bill is awaiting Governor Haslam's signature. Tennessee State Representative Raumesh Akbari is to be congratulated for pushing this bill in order to help people restart their lives.

Under the judicial diversion statute and another section of the expungement law, a fee is required to be paid before the clerk will process the expungement petition. Representative Akbari's bill would cut that fee almost in half. Most bills once they are signed by the governor go into effect on July 1.

It is important to erase your criminal record if possible. One of the services we provide is to expunge your record for no additional attorney fees if our office handled your case. We will even expunge the cases that were dismissed even if you plead to one charge. Remember there is still no fee to expunge your record if the criminal charge was dismissed, nolled, or retired. You may have to pay some court costs though. Keep your criminal record clean.