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Why Should I Hire a Lawyer Before I Am Charged with a Crime?

Sometimes criminal investigations start before one is arrested. It may begin with a knock on the door. The police use the knock and talk technique as a way to get you to confess or search your house. Other investigations begin with "I want to get your side of the story" which leads into you giving a statement. Our office is often contacted at the beginning of a criminal investigation. There are many excellent reasons you should get a lawyer early.

First, once your criminal defense lawyer contacts the police, it ends all questioning of you by the police. Criminal defense attorneys act as a buffer between you and the police. Second, we can get an early start on planning the defense. Third, a decision may be made to make a statement to police with your lawyer's assistance and presence at the interview. I have had two sex crimes cases this past year that were never prosecuted just because we provided a statement prior to an arrest being made. One critical decision which will need to be made is whether or not you give a statement.

Here is an example of how a case might progress. There are criminal allegations, a blood sample is taken, but no charges are filed at first. Our office requests the blood results, which we get, and contacts the assistant district attorney to establish a dialogue. We find out the case was presented to the grand jury and turn our client in with a reasonable bond. Our office was working the case months before charges were even filed.

If you're under investigation, tell the police you want to talk to a lawyer before you agree to do anything. Contact our office, and we can help navigate the case before formal charges are brought. We will set up a meeting and start your defense immediately. The police have years of training, and they are catching you off guard. Don't give in to the temptation to cooperate. Police showing up at your door are not there to help. They are there to convict you of a crime.