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Getting a New Job After a Conviction

For people in Tennessee who have been convicted of a crime and maybe even have spent time in jail or prison, the path to a better future can feel very uncertain. Earning a living is an essential part of rebuilding a person's life but a criminal record may be considered a black mark that some employers cannot overlook. However, that should not deter people from finding their dream job. 

Glassdoor indicates that one of the things job seekers with criminal pasts should do is carefully consider the type of job they want to apply for and how it might connect to their criminal offense. For example, a person who has been convicted of a drunk driving offense might be better served to avoid applying for jobs in which they would be driving for work.

According to Monster.com, the vast majority of employers today do conduct pre-employment background checks but the majority of both hiring managers and people in human resources believe that candidates with and without criminal pasts can bring equal value to a company.

It is recommended that people looking for jobs after a criminal conviction make it a priority to discuss their past with a potential employer before it is discovered via a background check. These discussions should center around what the candidate learned and how they have changed their lifestyle since the event. This may help an employer feel confident about the person's future and allow them to be more willing to offer them a job as they can be confident the behavior will not be repeated.