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Search of Tennessee Hotel Room Results in Drug Arrest

Interagency cooperation among law enforcement in multiple counties resulted in the arrest of a 44-year-old man after a search of his hotel room in Clinton, Tennessee. A tip from authorities in another community led to the arrest of the alleged narcotics dealer when the search reportedly yielded firearms, marijuana and methamphetamine. 

Charges against the man include manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of methamphetamine; simple possession or casual exchange; maintaining a dwelling; possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of drug paraphernalia. Following his arrest approximately two weeks ago, his bond is $25,000, and he remains in jail at this time.

From the report, it appears that the man cooperated with law enforcement, consenting to the search and reportedly admitting to relocating to a new community, where law enforcement was unfamiliar with him, in order to sell narcotics. 

Official weights and counts of the substances found during the search, as well as their identities, are pending crime lab reports. However, by unofficial count, authorities reportedly discovered marijuana and methamphetamine in the hotel room in the amounts of 10 grams and six grams, respectively.

In addition to the drugs, authorities allegedly also found two firearms in the hotel room. An investigation is ongoing into whether the firearms may have been involved in a crime and/or stolen. One of them reportedly had its serial number concealed via deformation. 

It is unknown whether authorities have scheduled any trial dates, and the amount of prison time the man could face if convicted remains unclear. In any case, penalties for drug charges can be severe, and it may be helpful for those affected to consult an attorney.