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Tennessee Man Who Hit Power Pole Faces Drunk Driving Charges

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can have many unintended consequences. In the worst-case scenario, serious injury or death is the outcome. But even when something tragic doesn't occur, one person's decision to drive after drinking can affect many others that they may not even come into contact with. A Tennessee man facing drunk driving charges is getting a first-hand lesson on how that might take place.

The man was allegedly drunk when he ran his car into a power pole. The early morning collision knocked the pole to the ground, cutting off the electricity it was supplying to major portions of the Tennessee town in which it was located. The man then reportedly left the scene.

The officers who responded to reports of a power outage say they saw the man driving down the road. His car had sustained substantial damage -- presumably from the collision with the power pole. The officers pulled him over for questioning. During that time, they allegedly determined the man was responsible for the damage to the light pole and subsequent power outage.

The man was charged with several crimes. These included drunken driving, possession of marijuana and cocaine and breaking the open container law. He was also charged for not remaining at the scene after the accident that occurred.

The city was without power for several hours. Although no one was injured, the man faces serious consequences if found guilty of the drunk driving charges levied against him. Regardless of the circumstances, he is accorded the right to mount a vigorous defense on his own behalf and to fight for an outcome favorable to him.

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