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Tennessee Man Faces DUI Charges After Car Accident

People under suspicion of committing a crime have been known to employ a wide variety of tactics in an attempt to avoid prosecution. This is true regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent of the acts for which they are accused. They may run from the police or stretch the truth about what happened. Sometimes they hide evidence, and other times they attempt to destroy it altogether. A Tennessee man facing DUI charges allegedly attempted to eat evidence that indicated he had drugs in his possession.

Police were called to an accident in which the man reportedly drove his vehicle into the car in front of him. While there, they say they observed the man walking unsteadily. Reports indicate the man's breath smelled as if he had been drinking. Police did not administer a field sobriety test.

Law enforcement officials carried out an investigation of the accident. An officer on the scene reportedly noted the man had an unknown white substance around his lips and mouth. Upon questioning, the man purportedly said he had taken some Percocet he had in his possession in an attempt to avoid charges for it being there.

The man was charged with multiple felony counts, including DUI and evidence tampering. He also faces charges he was driving without a valid driver's license and for having an open alcoholic beverage in the car, among other accusations. He was taken to the local jail and bond was set at $3,500.

Regardless of the evidence against him, the man has the right to a fair trial in a Tennessee courtroom. DUI charges are a serious matter that could have far-reaching consequences if the outcome is a conviction. A thorough understanding of the legal options available to him will be invaluable to the man as he moves forward.

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