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Defense Is Needed When Facing Internet Crime Charges

Online activity may seem harmless or be seen as a victimless crime; however, the click of a mouse can lead to criminal charges if certain activities are suspected. Because the world of Internet crime is relatively new to law enforcement and the criminal justice system, it can be a difficult area to navigate. In fact, some people charged with an Internet crime in Tennessee may, actually, be unaware that certain activities are against the law, much less be aware of the possible criminal consequences of such activities.

One area of cyber-crime that may warrant a strong and effective defense strategy is identity theft. Another area that garners news, especially as the holiday season nears, is credit card fraud. When it comes to commerce in general, online auction fraud is a serious crime that can lead to criminal charges. Activity that can be called cyberstalking, such as on social media, can also lead to criminal charges.

These types of crimes can lead to state charges or federal charges. If charged, authorities may take computer equipment for analysis. It is important to be aware of the resources available to evaluate what a state or federal entity claims to find as evidence on a computer.

Online activity can be traced and gathered as evidence just as physical activity can be. Anyone facing a charge related to alleged Internet crime should be aware of what kind of activity or evidence may be gathered from a computer and what kind of search warrants relate to gathering that purported evidence. As with any kind of physical evidence gathered at the scene of a crime, online evidence can be disputed and challenged by legal counsel who has experience dealing with Internet crime situations in Tennessee. Our website has more information about Internet crime and defense options.