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Driving the Wrong Way Results in Drunk Driving Charges for Woman

When someone heads the wrong way on the highway or drives through a closed section of road, the police are likely to become involved. One woman in Tennessee recently drove through a closed construction area on the Interstate, and criminal charges were filed against her as a result. The woman now faces drunk driving charges after the incident.

The incident unfolded as a 22-year-old woman was heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic. She was reportedly close to crossing a bridge. Officers also noted marks on the road, indicating that the woman braked to keep from hitting a construction vehicle on the closed section of the highway.

Police said there was an intoxicating odor when the woman was approached at the scene. Also, her speech was said to have been slurred, and according to police at the scene, her eyes were red and watery. After a field sobriety test was administered, police took her into custody. No specifics were reported, though police say she performed poorly on the tests. There was no mention of the woman submitting to blood or breath tests. 

A drunk driving charge in Tennessee can lead to loss of a driver's license, fines and other criminal consequences. The 22-year-old arrested in this case may be able to challenge certain aspects of the evidence offered against her, such as the field sobriety tests given. A field sobriety test, in of itself, may not be sufficient to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Each case is unique, and outside factors and conditions can affect test results. It may be possible to contest the findings as part of a comprehensive defense against drunk driving charges.

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