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Coach in Tennessee Facing DUI Charges

Getting arrested on the way to a game was probably not the way one high school coach had hoped to make the local news. The baseball coach at a Tennessee high school is facing DUI charges after being pulled over while driving to a school ballgame that he was scheduled to coach. He is also facing what was reported to be an unspecified drug charge.

It's not clear why the coach was initially targeted by police or what alleged behavior warranted police action. There is also no word as to whether field sobriety or breath tests were administered. The specific circumstances regarding the drug charge were not reported either. 

The coach has been with the school for a number of years and is 52 years old. He is also an English teacher and an instructor in the special education department. The school has not yet commented on the incident or indicated whether there will be any career consequences after being charged with DUI and a drug charge.

Tennessee DUI charges and/or drug charges can impact a person's career and ability to continue working in a specific field. The possible consequences make it all the more necessary for anyone so charged to seek legal support so as to protect one's personal and professional interests. The fact that this particular person was working with school children certainly raises the stakes and makes any negative outcome in criminal court a significant threat to his ability to continue a career in teaching and/or coaching.

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