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Single Vehicle Accident Results in DUI Charges

A Tennessee woman was driving along Kingsport Highway shortly before 11:10 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Around that time, she was involved in a single vehicle accident. By the next morning, officials announced that the woman would be facing DUI charges, and other accusations, in connection with the crash.

Preliminary reports from the Tennessee Highway Patrol indicate that as the woman traveled northbound on the highway, she somehow lost control it the vehicle. It veered across the oncoming lane of traffic and left the roadway. The vehicle then flipped over several times before coming to a stop some 150 yards from the highway.

Despite the fact that the woman was able to get out of the wrecked car and make her way back up to the edge of the highway, her injuries were considered to be serious enough to call in a helicopter to take her to a hospital in the area. Information regarding her condition was not available the next morning. The report did not provide any information regarding why officials believe the 31-year-old woman was impaired at the time of the crash. 

Any evidence officials believe they have that substantiates the DUI charges will have to be provided to the woman's criminal defense attorney prior to being presented to the court. Her attorney will have the opportunity to review it to determine whether her rights were violated or any mistakes were made during the investigation and/or the handling of the evidence. Thereafter, recommendations can be made to the client regarding a course of action that could provide the best outcome possible if the matter goes to court.

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