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Five Things You Should Know About DUI

Not every lawyer has the specific knowledge needed to defend DUI charges properly. Rob McKinney does. He has:

  • Successfully defended clients in DUI cases since 1994
  • Focuses a significant part of his law practice on DUI defense
  • Remains up-to-date on DUI law and related topics by ongoing legal education and training

At May & McKinney, PLLC in Nashville, Tennessee, we believe it is important for people to understand the following information about drunk driving arrests:

1. Your situation is not hopeless. Do not confuse an arrest with a conviction. Just because authorities say you failed a field sobriety test or blood alcohol test does not mean you are guilty as charged. An experienced DUI defense attorney can review the case against you and advise you of possible defense strategies.

2. It all starts with the traffic stop. If the officer did not have probable cause for pulling you over or making an arrest, the results of any subsequent testing cannot be used against you in court. Attorney Rob McKinney will analyze the circumstances of the traffic stop. If no probable cause existed, he will seek a dismissal of the case against you.

3. What you say can be used against you in court. You do not have to tell the arresting officer if you were drinking or how many drinks you consumed. You have a constitutional right to be free of self-incrimination, but rights mean nothing if they are not used. Politely refuse to answer these questions.

4. Results of field sobriety tests are not always reliable. Health conditions, age, being overweight and wearing high heels can all cause the results of a field sobriety test to be unreliable. If the test was improperly administered, or if you were not a proper candidate for testing, the officer may not have had probable cause to arrest you.

5. The administration and results of breath or blood tests must be carefully analyzed. Was the person who administered the test properly trained? Was the machine properly calibrated and in good working order? Was the blood sample taken contaminated, mislabeled or mishandled in any way?

There are many more than five things you should know about DUI. To learn more about the legal aspects of drunk driving charges, please visit our Drunk Driving/DUI Practice Page and the drunk driving/DUI section of our website.

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