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Bonnaroo Arrest Prevention Guide

1. Before you leave for Bonnaroo...

1. Make sure all your equipment is working (i.e. headlights, turn signals, brake lights)

2. Make sure your plates are not expired

These are reasons the police can pull you over.

2. Driving To Bonnaroo

-Do not drink and drive

-Do not let passengers drink

-Do not smoke marijuana

-Do not let passengers smoke marijuana

3. The Car

-License, registration, and insurance...

Must be current and kept in the car

-Obey traffic laws... Don't speed, use your turn signals, don't follow too closely

-Don't smoke in your car... Don't drive high

-Keep car clean... No roaches or paraphernalia

-Use Bluetooth... Use seat belts

-Keep your medicine in the trunk

-No guns or weapons of any kind

4. When Stopped

-Turn Off your engine

-Open the window... Keep hands exposed

-Don't throw out anything

-Don't say anything... No stories, police are looking for an excuse to search

-Be polite: "Officer, if I have committed a traffic offense, give me a citation and I will be on my way"

-Sign the notice to appear for a traffic ticket

-Do not consent to search your car, your person, or your stuff


5. Questioning

-Be polite... Stay calm... Stop... Don't run...

-No sudden movements...Stay strong, Don't fold

-Hands out of your pockets

-Name and identification... Give it... Don't lie or give a fake name

-Do not consent to be searched

-Don't try to talk your way out... Don't banter with cops


6. If Arrested

-Don't resist... Don't get angry

-Undercover cops don't have to tell you they are police

-They don't have to tell you what you are being arrested for


-Get a phone call... All calls are recorded

-Don't discuss the arrest on the phone... Keep it short... Don't use "code words"

-Stay calm... Try to wait to get OR'd if you can.... Save your money

-Get money on your books

-Don't talk about your case to other inmates

Snitches are listening


7. Cannabis

-possession of ½ ounce or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor

-Over ½ ounce is a felony

-If it is your first criminal charge, you may be eligible to get the case expunged. Call a lawyer before you enter a plea bargain.

-You may get cited for a criminal offense while at Bonnaroo. You may be allowed to pay a fine.

Follow up to make sure you have the charge expunged.