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Do I Have to Tell My Employer I Was Arrested for DUI?

Under Tennessee DUI laws, you have no legal obligation to advise your employer that you were arrested for driving under the influence. It is considered a personal and private matter.

In certain circumstances, you may have a contractual obligation to advise your employer: pharmaceutical drug reps, commercial truck drivers, and those who have a company car or drive a company truck may have a duty to disclose a DUI arrest. If you are arrested and charged with DUI, read your employee handbook immediately and follow the guidelines. Usually there is a provision that covers disclosure of a DUI arrest. Failure to inform the employer of a DUI arrest when mandated to do so could be grounds for termination regardless of the ultimate outcome of your DUI charge.

Applying For A Job?

There are a number of online websites used by employers to check the criminal histories of job applicants. So if you fail to disclose a DUI conviction on a job application, it could hurt you. After all, if you are going to lie about a DUI, shouldn't the employer expect you to lie about other things?

You should never lie on a job application or resume. If you are asked during the hiring process about your DUI conviction, admit to it. DUI is one of the most common criminal charges. Your prospective boss may have also have been convicted, or perhaps someone in his or her family has been convicted of DUI. A frank and honest admission on your part may put the matter to rest.

No Expungement For DUI

Unfortunately, there is no way for a criminal defense attorney to expunge a DUI conviction in Tennessee. Once you are convicted, it becomes public knowledge and your conviction will saty with you. That's why it is all the more imperative to avoid a conviction if possible. However, if you were arrested for DUI and not convicted, an expungement may be possible. This will prevent people outside the criminal justice system from learning about your arrest.

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