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Car Accident Leads to DUI Charges in Tennessee

Whenever there is a car accident, the authorities responding to the scene do everything possible to help any driver or passenger who has been injured. If those authorities believe alcohol or any other substance causing impairment may have played a role in the accident, those authorities may find cause to file DUI charges. A recent accident in Tennessee has led to DUI charges after a man wrecked his truck.

The incident happened on a Sunday night as a man was driving his Ford F150 pickup truck. The man crossed the center line and left the roadway. He then crashed the truck into a tree.

Authorities who responded had to work diligently to free the man. They had to use hydraulic cutters to get him out of the cab of his truck. A helicopter landed at a nearby church and transported the man to a medical facility for treatment of his injuries. Police say the man will face DUI charges, possession charges related to substances allegedly found, and charges for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Whenever police file DUI charges against a driver after an accident, the case can be complex. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to conduct field sobriety tests at the scene. It may also be difficult to determine whether alcohol played a role in the car accident if the driver had to be transported for medical treatment. Those facing DUI charges after an accident in Tennessee or elsewhere may want to be fully aware of the evidence against them and understand their rights and protections under the law.

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