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Charges Upgraded to Vehicular Homicide for Tennessee Man

Whenever there is a car accident of any kind, police may find they have cause to pursue criminal charges against a driver. If they do press charges against a driver, there may also because to upgrade those criminal charges at a later time if they feel it is appropriate to do so. Recently in Tennessee, a man facing charges after a car accident had them upgraded, and he now faces an accusation of vehicular homicide.

The incident in question took place over Christmas 2012. A vehicle operated by a 51-year-old man collided with a car operated by a 60-year-old man. The older driver was critically injured at the time. The driver who apparently caused the crash was then charged with DUI and vehicular assault, although it was not reported why authorities felt he was under the influence.

The critically injured man died several months later from the injuries he suffered in the car accident. This led authorities to amend the charges. The driver now has to answer to charges of vehicular homicide and DUI.

When criminal charges are upgraded in this manner, the possible penalties under the law may also increase in severity. An allegation of vehicular homicide in Tennessee should be taken very seriously as a person's freedom is likely at stake. Alongside his defense counsel, the accused man must focus on the specifics of the accusations in order to prepare a defense that both protects important legal rights and seeks to achieve a favorable result in his own best interests.

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