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Defendants Must Aggressively Fight Sex Crimes Allegations

Being accused of any crime can be devastating and emotionally challenging. However, being accused of sex crimes can pose a number of greater challenges based on how society perceives sex crime allegations. Because of what all is at stake, anyone in Tennessee who is facing charges related to sex crimes should ensure a vigorous defense is mounted to ensure fairness and protection under the law.

The stigma of a charge can ruin a person's reputation regardless of the facts or even before the facts are considered. This necessitates a quick response when it comes to mounting a defense. Part of that defense may include investigating how interrogations may have been conducted. Confessions can be obtained under duress and witnesses or victims may be coached or influenced improperly, especially if that victim is underage.

One other reason it is important to vigorously fight a sex crimes charge is what can take place even after a sentence is served or a plea is reached. For some, registration on the sex offender list may be required. This can impact where you work and live, including your proximity or involvement with schools or any place children frequent.

Despite the specifics of any sex crimes charges you may face in Tennessee, you still have rights and deserve to have those rights protected just like anyone else. A proper defense will examine the purported evidence and how that evidence was garnered. Our firm has more information online about the importance of an adequate defense when facing any sex crimes allegations.