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Man Charged with Vehicular Homicide After Hit and Run Accident

The events that cause a car accident can lead to criminal charges, as can the events that happen after a crash. One recent car accident in Tennessee led to vehicular homicide charges against a man. However, the events in the aftermath of the accident led to charges against a few family members, including his wife.

The incident unfolded as a vehicle operated by a 40-year-old man allegedly hit a mother and daughter who were walking along a road. After being transported to a medical facility, the 37-year-old mother was in serious condition. The 16-year-old daughter died as a result of the accident. The man allegedly abandoned the car at the scene and fled.

Authorities say the man then called his wife and told her to report the car stolen. The 29-year-old wife has now been charged with making a false police report, and the man has been charged with vehicular homicide. Both have been jailed. The wife's mother and aunt have also been charged with criminal attempt as an accessory after the fact for their alleged role in helping the pair after the incident. At last report, they were also being held in jail.

The charge of vehicular homicide can have a serious impact on a person in Tennessee. Jail time and loss of a driver's license may all be an end result if such a charge were to lead to a conviction. There may be times when a vehicular homicide charge may be plea bargained down or dismissed, depending on the circumstances. It is the burden of government prosecutors to prove each and every element of the crimes charged by evidence that meets the strict requirements of our criminal justice system, something that is often much easier said than done.

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