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Understanding Sex Crimes Investigations and Consequences

Being accused of any crime and/or suffering the effects of a criminal investigation can take a toll on all aspects of a person's life. However, when an investigation involves sex crimes, it is typically helpful to gain an understanding of what may occur and how a case may unfold if charges are filed in Tennessee. An important consideration involves the penalties that could be imposed should a conviction be obtained by prosecutors.

First of all, an investigation is not evidence of guilt, yet it may feel that way -- especially if any accusations become public information. The deck may appear to be stacked against the accused. For instance, an underage alleged victim may have been coached or improperly interviewed, making the investigation and subsequent proceedings unfair for the defendant from the beginning. Defense counsel will cognizant of these potential issues and seek to document them on behalf of the client.

If a sex crime charge results in a conviction, there may be consequences that impact a person's life long the penalty is served, be it jail or probation. One far-reaching consequence is mandatory registration as a sex offender. This impacts where the individual lives; furthermore, the registry is public information. Schools and other places will be made aware of a sex offender's place of residence, regardless of the fact that his or her debt to society has already been paid.

Clearly, the potential consequences and possible outcome of a sex crimes investigation must be taken seriously. One's career, family relationships and reputation in the community may be on the line. It is crucial to understand the investigative process and to seek professional help. Our firm has more information online about these issues in Tennessee so as to protect the legal rights of those individuals facing these often complicated problems.