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Tennessee Woman Faces Drunk Driving Charges After Accident

Any kind of car accident involving driving under the influence can result in serious criminal consequences. When an accident results in the death of a person, drunk driving charges can escalate and entail jail time if a conviction is obtained. Recently, a Tennessee woman was arrested on drunk driving and other charges after a teen injured in the crash she allegedly caused died in the hospital.

The accident happened on a Friday night in mid-May. A 31-year-old woman was driving her car when she struck another vehicle. That vehicle contained a mother, her teenage son and the boy's girlfriend. All three of them needed to be extricated from the vehicle and transported for medical care. The boy, set to graduate from high school, died two days after the crash.

The driver who allegedly caused the accident had her 2-year-old child in the car with her. She and her child were uninjured. The driver faces various charges, including DUI, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. She also faces reckless endangerment because of the presence of her child in the car.

The woman facing drunk driving charges, like anyone arrested in Tennessee, has defense options she may pursue in a court of law if the charges result in a criminal trial. Those arrested for crimes have the right to understand the purported evidence against them and have the right to dispute any of that purported evidence. In a drunk driving case, evidence, such as the results of blood or breath tests, can be challenged and, if challenged successfully, may result in the dismissal of charges.

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