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Alleged Sexual Assault Leads to Charges in Tennessee

Any kind of authority figure can be put in a vulnerable position when alone with someone who then claims charges of sexual assault by that authority figure. In Tennessee recently, a man was accused of sexual assault after being alone with a woman on two occasions. The man was an IRS agent who visited the woman to conduct an audit of her business.

The alleged incident unfolded as the man was at the business conducting a tax audit. The woman claims sexual overtures were made towards her. She also says there was the insinuation that if she did not comply with the sexual advances, there would be negative consequences for the business.

The woman says he told her to wear a dress for the visit he was going to make the next day, and she complied with that request. This is when the alleged sexual assault took place. The IRS agent, a 36-year-old man, now faces two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure.

A charge of sexual assault can have far-reaching consequences as those charges can impact a person's freedom and livelihood. When the charge relates to assault by an authority figure, there may not be any witnesses to corroborate or refute what may be alleged to have occurred. When facing a charge such as this in Tennessee, any supporting evidence, such as physical evidence or documentation, may help a defendant prepare for a case and formulate a defense strategy that may have a favorable result as a case moves forward.

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