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Man Faces Drunk Driving Charges After Chase in Tennessee

A strange turnabout of events after a police call led to several police pursuits and damage to three county vehicles. The man at the center of the chaos now faces a long list of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges. One Tennessee investigator was injured in the incident.

It all started when someone called to report a man who was allegedly passed out in his vehicle in a Sonic parking lot. The man then left the Sonic, and police went after him until he eventually stopped. However, he drove off again after officers got his identification. Police pursued him again until he crashed, and he was taken into custody. He then escaped from the back seat of the police car, got in the front seat and took off in the cruiser.

This led to yet another chase of the man. He tried to hit officers and ended up crashing into a field, where he was once again taken into custody and taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries. He now faces drunk driving charges, resisting arrest, theft of property, evading arrest and an array of other charges.

The drunk driving charges filed against the man also include a third offense of driving on a suspended driver's license. With each subsequent charge in Tennessee, the time period of a license suspension will increase. For those who need a valid driver's license for employment, any charge that results in a suspension of that license should include a vigorous defense to minimize the chance of losing a license or reduce the time period in which a person's license is suspended.

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