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What You Need to Know About a Temporary Restraining Order

If you have been issued a temporary restraining or protective order in Tennessee, you may be confused about your rights and the rules that you need to follow. Knowing the steps that need to be taken can help your court case and prevent you from doing anything that could be considered inappropriate. We can help you understand exactly what is expected of you and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

According to the Tennessee Courts System, you may have a temporary restraining order placed against you either at the beginning of the claim or any time thereafter. Before this can be placed, the person making the claim must be able to show that his or her rights will be or are being violated in order to justify placing the restraining order. Immediate or irreparable injury must be proven to be expected before the hearing can take place and more permanent measures designated.  

A copy of the order must be given to you and to the person who is requesting it. It may have an expiration date on it, but the person requesting the order can also petition the judge to extend the time it is in effect. Generally, a temporary order is designed to last until the scheduled hearing.

In order to verify that your restraining order has been properly authorized, it must have the hour and date it was issued and the signature of the judge who approved it. For more information about how to handle a protective or restraining order that has been placed upon you, please visit our web page.