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5 Digital Actions That Could Be Considered Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is undoubtedly a serious issue and of great concern to families all across Nashville. However, it is also a very broad area of law that encompasses just about any negative or potentially harmful physical, emotional or financial act between spouses, family members or exes. Because so many actions can be classified as domestic violence, it can be difficult for people to distinguish between ill-advised behavior and criminal behavior.

For instance, sexting can be considered domestic violence if one person claims the exchanges were shared without permission or the result of coercion or intimidation. Below are five other examples of digital behaviors that could result in domestic violence charges that might surprise you.

  1. Repeated emailing, texting or calling 
  2. Unkind tagging in social media pictures
  3. Mean-spirited or derogatory statuses aimed at someone
  4. Checking a person's email or social media accounts without permission
  5. Tracking someone's location through check-ins and social media posts

These are just some digital behaviors that you might think of as harmless or little more than a prank. However, the subject of such actions can have a very different opinion on your behaviors or intentions. And if that person is a current or former partner, a roommate or someone in your family, you can wind up accused of domestic violence.

These allegations have the potential to do considerable damage to someone's criminal record, reputation, and family, so it is vital that you take seriously your right to defend yourself if you are accused of abusive or violent behaviors.

Remember, though, that domestic violence charges are not reserved strictly for acts of physical violence. You can be arrested and charged with a crime stemming from alleged digital, emotional and financial abuse or harassment as well, and these offenses should be taken just as seriously.