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Murfreesboro, Tennessee: DUI Alert

Owner/passenger DUI charges are handled differently in Murfreesboro. I recently wrote a post about the owner/passenger DUI charge. It is where the owner of a car allows another person to drive their car. Then the person driving the car is charged with DUI and the owner is charged with DUI. In Rutherford County, it is commonly referred to as DUI by allowance.

Even though Tennessee's driving under the influence laws are the same statewide, the application depends on the judicial district. Each of Tennessee's judicial districts handle driving while impaired cases differently. Here is an example.

In Nashville, Davidson County, the owner/passenger charged with DUI would be dismissed once the driver resolved their case by plea bargain or trial. In Rutherford County drunk driving cases, the assistant district attorney will offer a plea bargain offer of public intoxication. In other Middle Tennessee Counties, the procedure may be completely different.

The purpose of the post is twofold.

  1. Owner/passenger DUI charges are handled completely different in Rutherford County versus Davidson County.
  2. Tennessee DUI cases are not treated alike.