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Williamson County, Tennessee: DUI Alert

Being accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges in Franklin, Tennesee, can be tough. Prosecutors rarely reduce a DUI charge. Being charged as a multiple offender is even more difficult. Today's DUI alert is regarding bond conditions on second, third, or fourth offense DUI charges.

A magistrate can impose conditions of bond on a multiple DUI offense. One condition is that one may be ordered to were a scram device. One will be released on bond on the condition that they have a scram device placed on their ankle. A scram device is a transdermal monitoring device. The device tests the alcohol content of a person by contact with a person's skin. It is expensive.

Can you get it off before your case is over? First, you must file a motion to modify the conditions of bond. The court may substitute ignition interlock in lieu of the scram device if you show some period of negative alcohol screens.

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