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Drunk Driving Charges and Birthday Celebrations

People drink for many different reasons, whether they regularly visit a local bar after work, frequently drink at home as a result of alcohol addiction or celebrate a special occasion with alcohol even though they rarely consume alcohol. Many people drink on their birthday and they may consume alcohol at their home, at a friend’s house or at a business establishment as they celebrate their birthday. Unfortunately, some decide to get behind the wheel afterward, which can result in a variety of harsh consequences. If you plan to drink alcohol during your next birthday party, or at any other time, it is pivotal to stay off of the road until you have sobered up completely.

Some people may not be very familiar with the effects of alcohol, which they may consume at a birthday party. This can lead some drivers to get in their vehicle without realizing that they are over the legal limit. However, they may find themselves facing drunk driving charges, disrupting their birthday celebrations and leading to a host of potential hurdles.

If you have been charged with driving drunk during your birthday, it is pivotal to focus on your options and be aware of what you can do to potentially improve your circumstances. There could be an array of details surrounding your case which could influence how it plays out in court and the penalties that you face. Please visit our law firm’s page on driving under the influence for additional information related to drunk driving charges.