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Avoiding Arrest at Bonnaroo

Today marks the start of this year's Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. Taking place from June 8 through June 11, the festival attracts music lovers from Tennessee, across the nation, and around the world. Inevitably, a small number of attendees get arrested, mainly for drug and alcohol crimes. Many of those people could avoid arrest by taking some simple precautions.

How to Avoid Being Arrested at Bonnaroo

To help people avoid trouble, we have created the Bonnaroo Arrest Prevention Guide. While it addresses the Bonnaroo Festival in particular, its precepts can apply to everyone, whether they are traveling to a special event or just around town. We have excerpted some of the key principles below:

Getting ready to go - Make sure your car is in good working order, including the vehicle's lights and turn signals. Remember to take along the vehicle's registration, your driver's license, and insurance information.

On the road - Don't speed and obey all other traffic laws. Don't drink while driving or carry an open container. This applies to passengers as well as the driver. Don't smoke marijuana and make sure your vehicle contains no drug paraphernalia or residue. Make sure everyone in the vehicle wears a seat belt.

If you are stopped - Stay calm. Turn off the engine and roll down the driver's side window. Do NOT throw anything out of the vehicle. As the officer approaches, keep your hands visible to the officer by placing them on the steering wheel.

Responding to the officer - Be polite and respectful. Answer the officer's questions, but don't volunteer any information. Don't offer excuses and don't try to talk your way out of it. Do NOT consent to any search of the vehicle, your person or your belongings. If the officer issues a traffic citation, sign it, and drive away without violating any other traffic law.

If you are arrested - Do not say anything more to police officers. When you get to the police station, you will have an opportunity to make a phone call, but remember that phone calls are recorded. Don't talk about your case to other inmates, because there are snitches. Get the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

You may wish to share this information with friends who are also traveling to Bonnaroo. It could help them avoid trouble too.