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September 2013 Archives

Is story on Murfreesboro DUI arrest a bit slanted?

Journalistic best practice has long dictated that when writing a story about any issue, the reporter should attempt to take as unbiased a tone as possible. At the very least, a story is supposed to provide a balance of information related to the matter.

Tennessee issues $21M in grants for DUI enforcement and more

The coffers of a number of law enforcement agencies across Tennessee are getting an infusion of cash to help them in their efforts. The governor's office has announced that grants totaling just over $21 million have been awarded to an array of offices, including the Clarkesville Police Department.

DUI defendants challenge reliability of breath test device

Technology is a wonderful thing, when it works right. The problem is that too often the computer-based machines we depend on to provide us with accurate information deliver bad results. If those numbers become the basis for a criminal charge, such as driving under the influence, the consequences can be devastating.

Sleep aid effects on the morning after focus of federal study

Authorities face a lot of pressure to crack down on drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The rules of evidence are clear and put the onus on officials to prove the various elements of their cases in order to win convictions.


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