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Man arrested for drunk driving charges in Tennessee

Whenever there is an accident, the police may respond to investigate what occurred and may sometimes be surprised by what they find. When the accident happens on police grounds or involves a structure related to the police station, the police will likely conduct an investigation. That could result in an arrest if criminal behavior is suspected. Recently in Nashville, Tennessee, a man was arrested after hitting a gate at a police station. He now faces drunk driving charges as result.

Tennessee woman faces charges including vehicular assault

The sounds of an accident drew the attention of residents in a Tennessee neighborhood. They prompted a call to authorities for assistance. As a result, a woman is now facing charges of a second DUI offense and also vehicular assault.

Tennessee woman arrested for driving under the influence

When a car collides with a structure, police may seek to investigate whether the driver was operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Tennessee woman recently found herself under such suspicion. She now faces charges that include driving under the influence and child endangerment. The latter charge relates to her having a toddler in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Tennessee county official contends with DUI charges

Whenever a person is arrested and the charges are made public, simply being charged may impact a person's career, reputation and finances, regardless of whether one is ever convicted. Recently in Tennessee, a county official was arrested. He now faces DUI charges after a traffic stop.

Field sobriety tests in Tennessee can be flawed for many reasons

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, that individual may be asked a variety of questions and asked to perform a number of tasks. Being asked to perform field sobriety tests can be an daunting experience. Knowing that the results of this standardized test can end in an arrest may make the test itself even more intimidating. In Tennessee, motorists may benefit from understanding how the results can be skewed and what may affect the outcome of field sobriety tests conducted along the roadway.

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