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June 2016 Archives

Woman's DUI history could be used in vehicular homicide case

Even though convictions for driving under the influence remain on a person's record, any of them over 10 years old are not allowed to be used in court in Tennessee. This means that an individual who is arrested for DUI now could be treated as a first time offender if it has been at least 10 years since his or her last conviction. It provides people with a second chance of sorts -- that is, unless current charges include vehicular homicide.

Mother of 3 could face DUI charges after crash

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on a recent Thursday, police were called to the scene of a single vehicle accident. Upon arrival, they discovered a Tennessee woman and her three children -- ages 2, 6 and 7 -- who were, thankfully, uninjured. Officials say that, depending on the results of a toxicology test, the mother of three could face DUI charges.

You deserve representation if you are accused of a computer crime

As the computer industry continues to evolve, so does the law regarding the use of electronic mediums such as the internet, email and social media. If you are accused of a computer crime by the state of Tennessee or the federal government, you deserve representation. The criminal defense counsel that you select needs to not only understand the law, but computers as well.

Blood alcohol tests are not indefensible

Many Tennessee motorists are pressured into complying with law enforcement officials when they are stopped and accused of driving under the influence. They are subjected to breath tests, field sobriety tests and even blood alcohol tests. In reality, you are not required to submit to any testing, and the only agency you should ever voluntarily give blood to is the Red Cross.

Woman might face DUI charges, among others, re fatal crash

Over the Memorial Day holiday, law enforcement agencies throughout Tennessee launched a campaign to keep the roads safe. During that time, there were 41 accidents, and 10 people were arrested and could face DUI charges. One of those crashes involved three cars and one fatality.

Failure to report child sexual abuse charges filed against coach

Even though high schools and universities have policies against hazing, it still occurs in some schools. In one case that occurred in December, members of a sports team allegedly raped four Tennessee high school basketball players with a pool cue in a hazing incident. Prosecutors claim that the team's coach knew about the rapes, but he failed to report them. Recently, a grand jury indicted the man on four counts of failure to report child sexual abuse.

Police looking for those driving under the influence this summer

Summertime is a time for vacations, sunny days off and simply being outdoors. Generally, more people are on the roadways in Tennessee and all across the country during the warmer months, and some of them might have had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel. Anyone planning to drive after drinking should know that police are on the lookout for those driving under the influence this summer.

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