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December 2016 Archives

Nashville Murder Charges

After all the years of handling murder charges in Nashville, I discovered a new twist in how these charges are brought in Nashville,Tennessee. In Tennessee, there are several different theories to prosecute a murder charge. From first degree murder all the way to criminally negligent homicide are the possible theories of prosecution.

The Language in Rutherford County Probation Cases

Probation violation hearings in Rutherford County have a different twist than in most Middle Tennessee counties. Probation violation cases vary from jurisdiction. The big difference is how they are handled by the court and the district attorneys office. In Nashville probation violation hearings, it is possible to have the probation reinstated under certain circumstances. In other counties such as Sumner County,Tennessee, it is very difficult.

Tennessee Expungement Law Success Story

Today, I was delighted to received an order of expungement. An expungement is an order from the court directing the clerk of the court to destroy the records of the criminal charge or conviction.. One of our services we provide is to expunge any criminal charges possible. Ordinarily, only cases that are dismissed, retired, or one was found not guilty are eligible for expungement. What made this order of expungement special ?

Why You Should Attend TACDL's Year End Seminar Seminar

In today's criminal justice system, most cases are resolved  by a plea bargain agreement. Sentencing advocacy is a must. Last week, I saw a sentencing hearing by a civil lawyer that was far below substandard. An experienced criminal defense lawyer must be well versed in sentencing law, probation issues, and plea agreements with noncitizens.

Be Nice to the Clerk During the Criminal Court Process

When I was in law school, I clerked for a judge in Nashville, Tennessee. During the criminal court process in Tennessee, you will encounter many people. The clerk of the criminal,circuit, or general sessions court is one of those people. It pays to be polite to the clerk whether you are a lawyer or client. The clerks handle the collection of court costs, expungements, and processing restricted license applications just to name a few of their duties. That lesson was reenforced recently.

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