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Are you eligible for the Tennessee expungement process?

A criminal record will follow you into the future and make life difficult in many ways. But our legal system can enable you to clear your record if  you meet certain conditions.

Are you eligible for expungement in the state of Tennessee?

Your criminal record exposed

Because of the internet, it is a simple matter for anyone to perform a background check on you and discover that you have a criminal record. A criminal record can cause you to lose your job or make it difficult to find a new one. It can trigger problems when you want to rent an apartment or apply for a mortgage. People see you in a different light when they find out you have a criminal record. Expungement is a powerful legal process that can prevent other people from learning about your arrest.

How expungement can help

If you are eligible for record expungement, you can go back to living the life you knew before your arrest. If a recruiter or landlord asks if you have a criminal record or were ever arrested, you can honestly say "no." You need not fear an internet search into your background. Furthermore, by law, no one can ask you about the possibility of expungement. You can go on with your life as if your legal entanglement never happened.

Qualifying for expungement

You may qualify for record expungement in Tennessee if any of the following apply:

  •         You were arrested but released without a charge.
  •         The judge dismissed the charges against you.
  •         A jury returned a verdict of "not guilty."
  •         The grand jury returned a "no true bill."
  •         An order of protection was defended successfully and denied by the court.

Next steps

You cannot petition to have your record cleared until three years have passed since the date of a court judgment in your case. The process takes 60 days, but the wait is well worth having a clean record again. Explore your legal options and find out whether you are eligible for expungement.

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