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January 2014 Archives

Allegations of a drunken Bieber being called into question

Police have a lot of tools that seemingly give them an edge when it comes to building a case for alleged driving while impaired. It's not unusual for a person confronted with DWI charges to throw in the towel before putting up a defense, especially if they face field sobriety test results that they think show impairment. A better move is to consult with an attorney experienced in overcoming that kind of evidence.

Tennessee man faces DUI charges after car accident

People under suspicion of committing a crime have been known to employ a wide variety of tactics in an attempt to avoid prosecution. This is true regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent of the acts for which they are accused. They may run from the police or stretch the truth about what happened. Sometimes they hide evidence, and other times they attempt to destroy it altogether. A Tennessee man facing DUI charges allegedly attempted to eat evidence that indicated he had drugs in his possession.

Questioned blood test not enough to overturn Todd Harrell DUI

Tennessee readers may recall a couple of posts last year in which 3 Doors Down bass player Todd Harrell was featured. The focus dealt with a charge of vehicular homicide he faces stemming from a fatal accident in April. Authorities allege he was driving impaired at the time.

DUI charges and some more serious face Hendersonville man

In the general scheme of things, it may be that the impaired driving accusation against a young Hendersonville man is the least of his worries. The case seems to still be developing, but the circumstances reported in the media so far make clear that he should be seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.


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