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Town mayoral candidate and former lawman facing DUI charges

When police try to pull over an individual and that individual does not comply, that person may face charges related to fleeing or evading. If police do eventually get the driver to comply and believe there are additional crimes involved, they may pursue other charges as well. A recent incident in Tennessee involved a former county sheriff who, according to authorities, would not pull over and now faces DUI charges related to the incident.

Man in Tennessee faces drunk driving charges after trying to flee

Whenever someone is suspected of being investigated for any kind of criminal offense or behavior, getting arrested for another charge can compound the situation. For one man in Tennessee who was suspected of one incident, being arrested and facing drunk driving charges could compound his legal troubles. The man faces drunk driving charges related to a Saturday morning incident.

Those convicted of fatal DUI charges may still avoid jail in TN

There is constant debate about which laws should stay in place and which ones need to be altered or completely removed. Currently, there is significant debate regarding whether laws regarding DUI charges in Tennessee should be changed. Many are arguing that the punishments prescribed by current law do not match the severity of the crime.

Man indicted for crash that injured 4 and killed 1

Drunk driving is serious business. When a crash occurs due to the driver's intoxication, it can become life-changing for those involved. A young Tennessee man is quickly finding out the consequences he may face after an alleged drunk driving crash that happened the year he reached legal drinking age.

Prominent businessman loses life in alleged DUI hit and run

The penalties in Tennessee for being found guilty of driving while under the influence are very clear. When someone is convicted, the factors that go into determining the penalties include how many prior convictions someone has had, what their blood alcohol level was at the time, and whether there were any injuries or deaths that resulted. In attempting to secure a conviction, it is up to law enforcement to find clear-cut evidence of guilt just as it is up to criminal defense professionals to question or disprove the evidence. A 44-year-old Tennessee man is now dealing with these issues as police and legal counsel attempt to sort out multiple alleged drunk driving incidents believed to have been caused by the same person.


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